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What would you say if I cried to the god

What can you do if I tell you kid Im fucked

What would you do like girl would you cry

What could you say if I found out I would die


What cud you do wud you smile make som fun

Hey gotta pay for the sins never done

Fuck what you got da tumor in da hip

Fight wil you strive or give up take a trip


Say/tell me What can I do if it grows in your bone

How can I help to be hard like a stone

Fuck badluck and the world bitter wild

I dont understand innocent like a child


God can you help little friend in da rain

And make him stronger to bear all da pain

God gimme cup drink it up swallow it

What if you go leave me lone take a trip


Dont Take a trip

All da trouble you gotta beat

Take a cup take a bit to much pain for the kid

Take a dick fuck a nurse in da laughter you gotta burst

live for my sake for your story made wake up

(This song is dedicated to Petr Glaser, a friend in trouble)


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