Wake up

Přidáno 18.4.2013. Zařazeno v MP3 + Texty



And I will take you through the trees of woe

And I will tell you what you really want to know

And I will say the things you really want to hear

And I will beat the one and take away your fear

And Ill be singing you the melodies of lark

And I will care for you and I wont let you starve

And Ill be reading you the fairy-tales of love

And I will find the way and I will take you home


Wake up in the morning I can see your eyes

I can hear you calling I am not surprised

Wake up in the evening I can hear your voice

And I really gotta tell you that you are my choice


Can you stay give me a break make me laugh make me wake

Can you hope when you are low can you believe I wanna know

Can you wait stand the pain can you be mine can you be saint

Watch the door when its dark when you re alone and Im far


Wake up in the morning I can see Banát

I can hear the storm and I can feel your heart

Wake up In the mountains I can hear you scream

And I really gotta tell you this is just a dream

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