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Album: Pea chew | Text | Type: MP3


When I lay by the Brain-banned tree
On the Shore of the Blind on the weed
Don’t know why but I wake up in peace
Enter the Forbidden Territories

Come to the Lame through the Rundown Valley
Gotta go over the Dessert of Grief
In the light I meet Somebody
And I know that I can be honest
Be straight I want to Love
And say everything now
Belong into your world

Can you belong to somebody
At the same time keep freedom to meet
Can you give it to everybody for free
But save your really big treasure for me

Can you be completely honest to me
But at the same time be a Mystery
Can you own me but let me be free
And be my best Friend and best Enemy
Be straight can you be mine
Please talk I wanna know
And say everything now

And I bet you gonna return
And I bet you truly don’t wanna leave
And I bet you gonna reburn
And I bet you need just freedom to breathe
Freedom to go

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