Let me grow

Přidáno 18.4.2013. Zařazeno v MP3 + Texty

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Let me go and I will find you

Let my soul be free as a bird

Let me go and Im gonna find you

Let me hold you when I return


Let me grow cause you got da power

Let me go go (go) and Im gonna fly


Hey today we are crossing the border

And we re trying to be walking on the water

But another day is pressing even harder

You know that binding the soul is a murder

Let me be like beast in the morning

And Im gonna let you jump it up like a pony

And Im gonna let you run like a reebok

And Im gonna play with you like a little free dog

Cause we gotta return to the Father

And then be baptized all in the water

And then wake up again in the garden

of the Lord

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