Baby sitting

Přidáno 18.4.2013. Zařazeno v MP3 + Texty



The lyrics of this song do not (necessarily) represent the views and opinions of the band

I wanna let you do me a favour

I wanna let you be my saviour

Im gonna let you get me on my knees


I take a tie take a tie and I pay her

Im comina cut every cunt with a razor

I wanna try to fuck you with a taser now bzzz

I take a tie take a tie and Im serious

But inside Im pervert and hideous

I wanna try to fuck you got da period? wow


Hit my body with a whip and ya gotta make me pray

Kick my body break my dick and Im even gonna pay

Rip my body cos Im sick and I gotta get da pain

Hit my body and Ill do what my wicked momma say


Sit on my face – its baby-sitting

Wicked fuck it again

Spit in my face – its baby-spitting

Wicked fuck it again

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